Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Only Dental Leads specializes in Variable Data Printing (VDP) direct mail campaigns. What does VDP mean?

A: Instead of mass-producing and mailing the same postcard or being part of a mass-produced postcard deck, both with the same non-personalized message, Only Dental Leads’ VDP postcards are personalized with the dental-prospect’s unique and variable data such as name, current address, former address, etc. Even so, the four-color process and print quality of the digital printings are exceptional. Successful VDP is accomplished using highly targeted mail lists with the latest in digital print technology. So, rather than printing thousands of postcards with the same message, the Only Dental Leads’ VDP process enables you to print beautiful direct mail postcards, but with personalization and the right marketing message for each individual prospective patient -- for greatly improved results.

Q: Why is an Only Dental Leads’ VDP direct mail campaign better than mass-produced, non-personalized direct mail?

A: Because the Only Dental Leads’ VDP program is significantly more effective in generating more qualified dental-patient leads! In fact, according to a study by Info-Trends/CAP Ventures, a worldwide market research firm, VDP-generated direct mail coupled with highly targeted mail lists resulted in a 36% increase in response rates, a 47% increase in repeat business and a 25% increase in average patient value!

Q: How would my Only Dental Leads program start?

A: We recommend that you start by mailing to new movers who have relocated into your service area within the past six months, using a continual and/or pre-determined mailing schedule. However, because every market is unique, please call or email us for specific recommendations for your practice.

Q: Will my Only Dental Leads’ marketing program be exclusive to me in my service areas?

A: Yes! But it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first dentist in your service area(s) to sign up gets 100% full exclusivity for as long as needed.

Q: What about Zone, Region, Section, Saturation or Occupancy direct mail marketing programs? Shouldn’t I consider them also?

A: Compared to Only Dental Leads, all are big wastes of money! Here’s why: These mass-mailing programs use lists that require you to mail to ALL of the households in a specific area. Many, if not all, of these households are in established neighborhoods – where most people already have an ongoing dental relationship, the hardest kind to break, of course.

But for less money than most of these mass lists, not to mention the thousands of dollars wasted on paper and postage, Only Dental Leads can successfully and cost-effectively promote your practice to recent new movers in your service area – with a personalized message from your practice – on a 100% exclusive basis.

After all, doesn’t it make more sense to be the first dentist to personally connect with your area’s new movers, the very people who are, in fact, in need of a new dentist?